Friday, 8 February 2013

Lodging of complaints R&Rs


1. No lodging of complaints about arguments between each other.

2. Please do not put up a new post but utilise the comments section instead.

3. No spamming.

4. Do not lodge a complaint on others because you are biased to the accused party.

5.Do not use words that are offensive.

6.No random chatting in the comments.

7. After lodging complaint, briefly leave the page and please do not look at other peoples' comments.

8.The Exco. will handle this in a case by case basis. No biased remarks shall be made by the Exco.

9. Cooperate with the Exco when handling your complaints so that the process will be a smooth delivery.

10. Before starting to resolve problems, please remain calm and do not be agitated.

11. Do not make biased remarks too.

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